It's all about local foods, fresh ingredients, and unexpected sophistication in Prince Rupert's dining scene.

There’s one word you’ll hear often when you taste Prince Rupert’s cuisine: local.

People here are proud to cook up meals from ingredients found in the surrounding landscape. Prince Rupert restaurant owners pride themselves on attention to detail, fresh local ingredients, and a connection to the landscape and community through food.

start the day off right

So, breakfast first then. If you’re like a lot of people, you need a caffeine fix. Rupert has a great selection of cafés and restaurants, from the quirky to the cultured, from the nationwide chains to the purely Prince Rupert, there’s a spot for everyone. In the small—but very awesome—Cow Bay district kick back with a coffee and a morning snack, or take it with you on your adventures. A favourite haunt of locals and visitors alike, Cowpuccino’s Coffee House has a funky ambience, a healthy selection of food, drinks, including all kinds of fancy caffeinated beverages, and an amazingly friendly vibe. You’re guaranteed to start the day off on a good foot in here.

Further into town you’ll find more selections for the morning. If you’re looking for a hearty meal to complement your morning fix and kick-start the day, most of the cafés around town offer some kind of breakfast fare and any restaurant open to early morning diners will have hot drinks that accompany good eats.

When lunchtime hits, you won’t need to go far

Any of the restaurants you visited for a morning coffee will also serve lunch, but there are lots of other options too. If you want a view, stick to Cow Bay or some of the spots along 1st Ave. For a downtown option on third avenue, try Java Dot Cup for delicious stirfrys, soups, and sandwiches in a casual cafe setting. Other options along 3rd Avenue include the Fresh Onion Cafe, serving fresh wraps, sandwiches, and soups, as well as a number of delectable Vietnamese restaurants.

For seafood—take your pick! Almost every restaurant in Rupert offers some kind of seafood fare. One particularly good option for fresh seafood cooked well is at Dolly’s Fish Market. This little shop sells a variety of locally caught fish and serves an amazing lunch menu. Another option for classic seafood is Smiles Cafe, a Prince Rupert institution in the heart of Cow Bay.

For sushi, be sure to check out Opa Sushi for creative sushi rolls in the stunning setting of a historic net loft in Cow Bay, or Fukasaku of Prince Rupert, a sushi restaurant offering locally-sourced seafood in the Atlin Terminal building next to the Visitor Centre.

If it’s a burger and fries kind of meal you’re looking for, check out Breakers Pub in Cow Bay or Charley’s Lounge at the Crest Hotel, both with fantastic patios to enjoy the afternoon sun.

For dinner, it’s all about the local special

In the summer, the sun drops below the horizon late in Prince Rupert and it’s worth trying to get to a good spot to watch it. Sunsets in this northern town, when the weather permits, are the kind where everyone gets quiet for a few minutes. The landscape starts to look like a painting. And you know that the picture you just took won’t do it justice because when you look later you’ll realize that it was one of those moments where you just had to be there. Here’s the good part: you were there. You had good company, a delicious drink, and an unforgettable dinner. In Prince Rupert, it’s easy to make this scenario a reality. Scope out the restaurants along the waterfront and ask for a table with a view. At the Crest Hotel, both Charley’s Lounge and the Waterfront Restaurant offer stunning waterfront views from every table. 

But sometimes, an evening out has nothing to do with the view—it’s about the meal itself. If the food is this good, then who cares what you’re looking at? On 3rd Avenue, be sure to check out Sunset Lounge for a delicious home-cooked meal.  The people who open up restaurants in Prince Rupert are almost always proud of their home and excited to showcase cool culinary creations.

Finish the night off right with a local brew

When your belly is full and you think drinks might finish the evening off nicely, check out Prince Rupert’s own craft brewery, Wheelhouse Brewing, just up the hill from the heart of Cow Bay. With a few regular ales—golden, pale, and brown—plus rotating “seasonal” brews, most tastes are catered to. If you stop by but they’re not open, don’t worry, many of the town’s restaurants and pubs offer their beers on the menu. If you get your timing right and they are open, you’re in luck. The brewery is pretty new and has an amazing semi-industrial feel, accentuated by warm wooden accents and clever lighting. The whole place has a nautical theme—honouring Rupert’s longstanding connection to the sea—and the general vibe inside is like more like a family gathering than a business. Oh, and the beer tastes great, too.

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