Be Prepared

Prince Rupert is a remote community situated on the North Coast of British Columbia. Access is often difficult and cell phone reception can be spotty, so it’s important to be prepared when going out for an adventure.

Plan for adverse weather

Check the weather before you head out for any kind of adventure. It rains a lot in Prince Rupert, so good quality raingear is a must! We’re talking waterproof shoes, rain pants, raincoat, and a hat – the works.

Plan your route

Make sure to plan out where you’re going in advance and have an alternate route sketched out in case you run into issues. Read up on the route’s difficulty and any challenges you should anticipate.

Communicate your plan

Tell someone where you’re going and have a way to contact them in case you run into trouble. Make sure you have some form of navigational and/or communication aid, such as a map, compass, GPS, cellular or satellite phone, or handheld radio.

Pack the right gear

In addition to quality rain gear, packing the right gear will be crucial if you run into issues in the wilderness. You could need things like:

  • Flashlight and spare batteries
  • Firemaking kit with waterproof matches or lighter and firestarter or candle
  • Signalling device, such as a whistle or mirror to signal searchers if you get lost
  • Extra food and water
  • Extra clothing
  • Pocket knife
  • Sun protection such as glasses, sunscreen, and a hat

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Prince Rupert’s past and present are linked to the sea’s bounty, from the deep connection of the Ts’msyen People to the North Pacific, to the boom of the commercial fishing and canning industry in the early twentieth century. Everyone here has a great fishing story and the best spots to troll, anchor, and cast are only whispered about.

Fishing off the coast of Prince Rupert. Image by Jeremy Koreski

Outdoor Adventure

Something about Northern BC naturally speaks of adventure. There are less people here, more animals, bigger, emptier landscapes, and an inclination among those who live here to explore the outdoors as much as possible. Whether you’re looking for an adventure on the water or a hike with a view, you’ll find it here.

Hiking Tall Trees Trail. Image by Mike Seehagel

Wildlife Viewing

Situated amidst British Columbia’s most spectacularly untouched coastal wilderness in the Great Bear Rainforest, Prince Rupert is supremely located with access to some of the largest wild mammals in the world, from grizzly bears and coastal wolves to orca & humpback whales.

A family of grizzlies along the tideline. Image by Andrew Strain

History & Culture

Often called the City of Rainbows, Prince Rupert is a diverse community with rich local culture, a vibrant arts community, and plenty to explore. Wander our museums, galleries, historic buildings, and cultural places to discover an eclectic, unique mix of creative expression from the diverse artists and Indigenous People who call Prince Rupert home.

Collection of artifacts at the Museum of Northern BC. Image by Simon Ratcliffe