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marketing campaigns

Tourism Prince Rupert is responsible for marketing Prince Rupert as a world-class tourism destination. We promote Prince Rupert all year-round through our website, social media, visitor guide, and email list. We also launch new campaigns to increase awareness & visitor rates every year.

Portraits of Prince Rupert [2021]

In the summer of 2021, Tourism Prince Rupert was able to successfully conduct a regional summer marketing campaign, collaborating with seven photographers based in and around the Prince Rupert area to showcase different perspectives of the area, with the tagline, “See Prince Rupert through a different lens.” 

The intention of this campaign was to provide an inspirational themed marketing initiative in accordance with the Provincial Health Orders and maintain a positive representation of the local Prince Rupert community and surrounding areas. This campaign also provided an opportunity to act as a pilot for collaboration with local influencers and content creators. Each photographer committed to a minimum of three posts and six stories during the course of their takeover. Tourism Prince Rupert was able to successfully double our KPIs from last year’s campaign without the use of paid social and an external marketing agency, proving the viability of organic social media, as well as Tourism Prince Rupert’s ability to execute a campaign with outsourcing the creative development process. Locals especially loved the opportunity to see familiar faces across our channels throughout the course of this campaign. 

see for yourself [2020]

Building off the awareness and engagement created through our 2018 and 2019 campaigns, ‘See for Yourself’ was all about converting social media engagement into real-life trip planning. There is more in Prince Rupert than can be seen in just one day, or just one social media post. This campaign brought wildlife, drinks & dining, boutiques, and R&R to travellers by teasing them with limited-time offers, peek-a-boo style content that gradually revealed the subject of the photos, and messaging targeted specifically at the people most likely to take action: Those who had expressed interest in the past, or who are within driving distance of Rupert.

This campaign was about painting a picture for travellers to let them know that if they’re not here in person, they’re missing out. By partnering with 21 local businesses to offer exclusive deals and promotions, we highlighted all the different ways a Prince Rupert trip can be planned out, and all there is to do in our unique community.

For Your Eyes Only [2019]

Prince Rupert is best experienced in person. Photos, videos, and secondhand accounts are amazing, but they can’t possibly do justice to the natural beauty and connection experienced when travellers see it with their own eyes. In Prince Rupert, the locals really have it best.

Building off the incredible awareness built with our 2018 “Nothing to See Here” campaign, “For Your Eyes Only” continued to share Prince Rupert’s unique experiences and aimed to capture intent to travel by creating an opportunity for visitors to personally tailor their own dream holiday. Our “For Your Eyes Only” messaging had fun with the idea that there are both hidden gems and big spectacles that need to be seen in real life to be truly appreciated, building off 2018’s “Nothing to See Here” messaging.

Nothing to See Here [2018]

This campaign strove to take the misconception about the North and flip them on their head, using a bit of good natured humour. Prince Rupert, and its people, share some of the world’s most breathtaking sights, with a casual comment: There’s Nothing To See Here.

bc ferries vacations [annual]

Every year, Tourism Prince Rupert markets vacation packages with BC Ferries Vacations. These packages are very popular & sell out every year.

Packages generally include:

  • Five to Seven nights’ hotel accommodation
  • One way on BC Ferries from Metro Vancouver to Vancouver Island, and from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert (sailing reservation included on Inside Passage route) for two adults and one car
  • Grizzly bear tour (Mid-May to late July) in Prince Rupert.
  • Whale-watching tour (late July to late September) in Prince Rupert.

bc ale trail [annual]

Every year, Tourism Prince Rupert participates in the BC Ale Trail to promote Wheelhouse Brewing Co.

The BC Ale Trail showcases an array of world-class breweries waiting to be discovered amid British Columbia’s spectacular wilderness and scenery, along with a wide range of outdoor activities and urban experiences. Arrive thirsty, leave inspired.

British Columbia’s brewers are innovators. They have been since John Mitchell and Frank Appleton built the Horseshoe Bay Brewery—Canada’s first microbrewery—back in 1982. They are creative entrepreneurs, innovative business owners, who have nurtured their industry with desire and determination to be the best at what they do. And they’ve succeeded. More than 150 breweries dot the super, natural landscape of BC with new operations opening at an unprecedented rate.

Adding to that, BC brewers win about one-third of all annual Canadian Brewing Awards despite the province having less than 20% of the country’s breweries and less than 15% of the national population.

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    other annual marketing programs

    Every year, Tourism Prince Rupert drives or collaborates on a number of other regional and provincial marketing programs to help showcase Prince Rupert’s incredible tourism offerings.

    These programs include:

    • Annual Prince Rupert Visitor Guide & Pad Map
    • Annual Visit Northwest BC Regional Marketing Campaign
    • Northern BC Golf Corridor Annual Marketing
    • Fishing BC Annual Marketing
    • Highway 16 Circle Tour Marketing (in collaboration with Tourism Prince George and other Highway 16 DMOs)
    • Big Coast TV Great Bear Project