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Tourism Prince Rupert is an independent not-for-profit society whose purpose is to promote Prince Rupert as a world-class destination for leisure travel, outdoor adventure, and coastal community amenities. Tourism Prince Rupert also aims to grow Prince Rupert’s tourism sector by creating new opportunities for tourism-related business & investing in Prince Rupert’s existing tourism infrastructure.

a gateway to endless adventure

Prince Rupert already has all the components of a dream travel destination. We have access to pristine & unique wilderness, a beautiful natural setting, excellent dining venues showcasing local foods, funky retail stores, and best of all, genuine & welcoming locals.

Tourism Prince Rupert’s job is to spread the word about everything our community has to offer, and help support even more growth & development in the tourism sector.


Our mission at Tourism Prince Rupert is to successfully market Prince Rupert externally to strengthen economic viability for our members and the community. By collaborating with community and external stakeholders, we aim to lead tourism marketing, destination, and product development initiatives.


Stimulating sustainable prosperity for Prince Rupert as a world-renowned destination.

Corporate Objectives



Prince Rupert has a lot going for it. Every year, we develop & launch new marketing campaigns focused on attracting visitors to Prince Rupert from across the globe.

Destination Development

Prince Rupert is already a fantastic tourist destination. We aim to build local capacity to grow our tourism sector for long-term sustainability.


Our role is to represent Prince Rupert’s tourism sector. We work closely with regional and provincial partners to ensure the voices of Prince Rupert tourism stakeholders are heard.


By checking frequently with our local tourism partners & businesses, we aim to include many different perspectives in order to support our local tourism sector effectively.

tourism resources 

Tourism is a collaborative industry with many federal, provincial, regional, and local support programs in place to help the industry grow. There are also a number of key organizations that work hard every day to build our tourism economy to its fullest potential.


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