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Hiking Rushbrook Trail in Prince Rupert

Rushbrook trail at Rushbrook floats holds a special place in many Prince Rupert residents’ hearts. Once home to the end of the train tracks, this trail used to be open and available for anyone that wished to walk along the coastline.

However, due to safety issues it ultimately had to be closed to the public in 2003, and remained closed for 15 years. 2018 was a special year as it was finally able to reopen, this time with state of the art bridges, reinforced safety precautions, and outstanding ocean views all throughout the entirety of the trail. Although the trail has been newly renovated, the skeleton of the old railway can still be seen for certain glimpses along the trail, providing a brief glimpse into the past that we can carry on.

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Hiking Rushbrook Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 2.4 kilometres out and back trail
Elevation: 104 metres
Approximate time: 1 Hour
Best time of year to hike: Year round
Pro tip: Bring your binoculars and camera for viewing wildlife!

Perfect for a short stroll, Rushbrook trail is a relatively flat and generally easy trail is 1.2 km one way, and is an out-and-back trail that takes only about an hour max. Due to the trail’s new construction, it’s relatively great to walk on all year long.

Recent developments at Seal Cove, located at the end of the trail, now provides an additional viewing area at Prince Rupert’s seaplane base should one wish to continue their walk before heading back. Due to its location being so close to the water and the docks, Rushbrook provides one of the most prime locations for viewing bald eagles all year long. It’s more common to find them than not, perched among the trees surrounding the parking lot and on the trail, overlooking the commotion of the people beneath them.

You’ll know you’re in the right place once you’ve seen a small fish and chips stand called Bobs on the Rocks. Open for business during the summer months, this stand is incredibly popular for both tourists and locals alike, and has some of the best fish and chips you’ll find in the city- not to mention it makes a perfect post-walk snack.

Leave No Trace

When hiking trails in Prince Rupert, always leave them in a better state than when you arrived. Pack out what you pack in and dispose of waste properly. Respect local wildlife. Leave No Trace principles offer guidelines for how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly while  also minimizing your impact on the landscape.

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